Pretty Things

Oh my dayz, there’s some great jewellery available on the high street at the moment.  I just ordered the second necklace (black lace collar)…however I’ll probably have to return it as I’m supposed to be ‘saving’.  Boo!


T-B ~ L-R

Accessorize £14.70, Topshop £50

Miss Selfridge £12, Accessorize £19.55

Topshop £25, Monsoon £21.55


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5 Responses to “Pretty Things”

  1. sofiefr Says:

    Ha this is weeeeird! I was literally JUST looking at the topshop ones. I nearly died when I saw it was 50 quid.

    I ended up ordering the body con maxi dress from Boutique, it’s so niiice in real life.

  2. airwar Says:

    Omg very weird – I got the body con maxi dress too for a shoot! It would look amazing with the Topshop necklace. Great minds think alike 😉

  3. Amy Williams Says:

    LOVE that topshop necklace, although £50 is seriously steep for topshop!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing! I keep saying this but you have great taste (which means I must have too ahah). I have an earlier version of the embellished necklace, which was like £28. But I love it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    BTW that was Sofie, I am not signed in. Oops.

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